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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

May 28, 2019

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan talks about company values -- how to determine and define them, how to infuse them into your culture, AND how to make sure they are inclusive.

Back in Episode 3 when Sarah did a breakdown about what cultivating positive workplace experiences and environments with a focus on diversity, inclusion and social-consciousness truly means, as an action step, she talked about asking yourself what your organizational values are and what they look like in action. She dives deeper on the subject in this episode.


This process starts by identifying the difference between Mission, Vision and Values. Your mission is “why”, your vision is “what” and your values are “how”.

There are 2 recommended exercises to determine and define your company values: 

  • Brainstorm/Brain-dump of words which embody what the company is most proud of and how it wants to operate
  • Role Modeling by examining the traits and behaviors of top performing and respected employees. 

Once a list is made, group similar words together and refine the list until 3-7 words are selected. Continue the conversation about the behaviors of someone acting out and embodying these values as a guide for creating policies and procedures which infuse and embed your values across the organization. 

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