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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Jul 16, 2019

This episode’s interview is with Dr. Jarik Conrad. 


Jarik Conrad, EdD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a best-selling author and sought after keynote speaker. He has been recognized as a thought-leader in the areas of emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and leadership.


Dr. Conrad is the Sr. Director of Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation for Ultimate Software.  Jarik has held significant human resources roles at Fortune 500 companies, including McDonnell Douglas (Boeing), Pillsbury (General Mills), Union Carbide (Dow), Citigroup, and CSX Technology. In addition, he directed the human resources department for the City of Jacksonville, Florida.


Dr. Conrad earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, two master’s degrees from Cornell University, and a doctor of education degree from the University of North Florida. He is also a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), a certified intercultural sensitivity expert, and a certified emotional intelligence expert. He also holds a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition and is a certified personal trainer (CPT).


The primary takeaways from this interview are: 


  1. Understand the science of your brain. This is crucial to working to combat and overcome bias. Our mirror neuron system is the part of our brain that makes us naturally want to connect with people -- first thru shared appearance then thru shared experience. The only way to move beyond it is to understand it and actively work at being more mindful of how it creeps in so we can make fully aware choices. 


  1. EQ is the future of work. As leaders, what we have to work on is our ability to manage stress, to remain optimistic and keep our esteem high in the face of adversity, to control our impulses, to leverage our intellect in how we influence. That takes more EQ than IQ. If you want to lead in color, you have to actively work on your EQ -- both in terms of your own self awareness and self management as well as your awareness of others and how you manage relationships.


  1. Total Wellness. Our health is interconnected. Stress from home and work, racial stress, financial stress, etc. all have an impact on our physical and mental health. This impacts our workplace from both a productivity and medical trend experience standpoint -- and from an innovation standpoint. 


Dr. Conrad mentions these bodies of work during the interview which you may want to read more about: 

  • Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence 
  • Dr. Conrad’s book “The Fragile Mind” 
  • The Ultimate Software blog  
  • The Ultimate Software webinar on Mental Health in the workplace

Connect with Dr. Conrad on LinkedIn at @cornellians and on Twitter @DrJarikConrad.