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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Jun 1, 2022

This is Part 4 of 6 of the Inside The Great Resignation series – and host Sarah Morgan is interviewing author Kourtney Whitehead. 


Kourtney has spent her career helping people build high performing teams and reach their individual work goals, from executive searches to talent management to career coaching. She is an author, senior contributor at, and a frequent speaker and podcast guest on the topics of careers, purpose and fulfillment. Her goal is to demystify the pursuit of meaningful work and help you see that it is not a far-off dream, but something quite achievable. 


In this episode, Kourtney shares: 

  • the 3 tiers of organizations within The Great Resignation and how to diagnose them
  • how to find the thread of joy & purpose in your career
  • the questions employers should be prepared to answer to gain & keep their talent


Connect with Kourtney through her website, Simply Service (, where you will find links to her social media, her free career downloads, and her book, Working Whole.