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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Aug 25, 2020

The episode guest is Tamer Mokhtar.  

In this episode, we discuss the following: 

  • The most important thing for individuals to know about the upcoming election besides “vote” 
  • What corporate leaders can do to combat voter suppression and disenfranchisement
  • How & why risk is different for Black entrepreneurs

Tamer is a Partner, Investing in US and the Founder, All Americans Vote

Established in 2017, Investing in US (IIU) took on the task of establishing a data-informed hypothesis about how risk capital could offer the greatest leverage in the world of electoral politics. As a partner at IIU, Tamer and his team utilize a venture capital model in examining hundreds of organizations to determine which are mission-aligned and capable of bringing about scaled impact in the areas of technology integration into voter mobilization efforts, digital media/messaging, and turnout. 

Concurrently, Tamer founded All Americans Vote (AAV), which focuses on non-partisan efforts to engage America’s electorate by elevating turnout among young and diverse voters. In 2018, All Americans Vote ran turnout tests across two states that brought together a coalition of about a dozen organizations. By sponsoring nearly 2,000 election day poll parties (and a series of activities in the lead-up to election day), AAV attempted to bring about a culture shift in how Americans celebrate the franchise of voting. This experiment will continue through 2020. 

Prior to his work with Investing in US and All Americans Vote, Tamer spent two decades in direct marketing, quant based sales management, corporate sales, and executive leadership at both nonprofit and for-profit entities, most recently The Advisory Board Company and The Education Advisory Board (EAB). Tamer is a graduate of Virginia Tech

Connect with Tamer on LinkedIn at “Tamer Mokhtar” and on Twitter 

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