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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Jan 14, 2020

This is a solo episode featuring Audience Questions submitted via social media and email being answered by host, Sarah Morgan. 

Among the questions answered in the episode are: 

  • How do you balance working full time and building a brand as well as being a mom and wife?
  • What are your thoughts on a former employee returning to work for an environment that was toxic for them?
  • How long does one or should one, who works in HR, stick around with a company that externally touts Diversity & Inclusion but internally do not create the vehicles to improve the D&I?
  • How do you keep leadership from shutting down on issues that make them uncomfortable while keeping employees motivated?
  • How do we go about launching and growing employee resource groups? Should they form organically or does HR create them? How do you get employees excited about them so they will engage? 
  • How should men flirt or express interest in a woman at work in light of #MeToo? 
  • Being bi-racial, do you ever feel uncomfortable or unqualified talking about issues of race so aggressively? How do your White relatives react? What advice do you have for other bi-racial people who want to gain more confidence at this?

Listed to Sarah’s answers to these questions and more! 

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