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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Sep 8, 2023

In this episode, Sarah talks with the workshop leaders of the upcoming HROI Summit on their thoughts on 1) the biggest struggles for organizations in finding talent thru their recruiting efforts, 2) the greatest missed opportunity for organizations in onboarding & orientation, and 3) where conventional professional development workshops is missing the mark for attendees. 


The guests are BJ Anderson, Keirsten Greggs and Lorena Pabon. Click their names to connect with them on LinkedIn. 


HROI stands for HUMAN Return on Investment. Sarah created the HROI Summit in 2020 to disrupt the existing conference and seminar structure, which was becoming impractical, expensive, and unsustainable for many leaders. Since then, similar events have popped up following the HROI formula. 


Now Sarah is back with the support of Humareso  to bring 3 new HROI workshops over 3 days, each lasting 3 hours – and filled to the brim with practical insights and interactive learning to make sure attendee walk away poised to implement what they’ve learned when they return to work. And not only is the price affordable – but we offer flexible payment options AND scholarships for those needing a little time or help. Each workshop is work 3 recertification credits for both theHRCI and SHRM certifications


The 2023 HROI Summit will take place from Wednesday, October 25 - Friday, October 27. It is completely online. 


  • Day 1 is the New Recipe for Workplace Safety where you will learn to create a winning program for psychological and physical safety in your workplace. 


  • Day 2 is the Tea on Talent where you will learn to develop a recruiting strategy that will connect qualified quality applicants to your jobs and move them swiftly thru the hiring process. 


  • Day 3 is High Impact Onboarding & Orientation where you will learn to cultivate an exceptional new hire experience. 


Registration is open RIGHT NOW for 1, 2, or all 3 of these workshops! When you register for all 3, you are entered for the chance to win 1on1 coaching with Sarah to support you and keep you accountable as you apply what you’ve learned at your job. 


Listen to the episode – then click this link to learn more about the HROI Summit. And register before the Early Bird Pricing ends on Wednesday, September 13.