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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

May 14, 2019

Dr. Kimya N. Dennis is the guest for this Leading in Color episode.

Dr. Dennis is an educator, researcher, consultant, and community advocate specializing in mental health, suicide and suicidal self-harm, law enforcement, criminal justice system, sexual health and freedom, and reproductive health and freedom. This captures contributing demographic and cultural factors, demographic and cultural identities, and legality and illegality. The general population is reached with emphasis on underserved and underrepresented individuals, communities, and cultures.

This is Part 2 of 2 featuring the conclusion of the episode Dr. Dennis. Be sure to listen to both parts to gain full insight into her advice and perspectives.

Dr. Dennis advocates for “Diversity 365,” which means looking at diversity from every angle, every day -- not just when negative issues arise or during required annual trainings.

Here are the takeaways from Dr. Dennis in Episode 7: 

  1. Focus on consciousness and cultural awareness over correctness. This means errors will be made in what we say and do -- but a sincere apology will be given and we will move forward. Sometimes, apologies will not lead to forgiveness or reconciliation right away or ever. This is OK. 
  2. Look at your organization's policies and procedures to determine if they are causing harm and negative impact on marginalized groups. For example, family leave needs to expand to include modern definitions and structures. Survey your employees to determine their true needs and structure programming around this. Assess annually for progress. 
  3. Ignore ignorance but address harm. Instead of labeling people and their opinions as racist. Focus on their actions and the impact it has on others. 

During the show, we discussed "infantilization of work". This article was from the Ravishly blog and here is the LINK

Also, Dr. Dennis's event about Colorism is coming up in June. Here is the LINK to register

Learn more about Dr. Dennis on her website, Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn at @kimyandennis and on Twitter @KimyaNDennisPhD.