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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Mar 19, 2019

This episode features an interview with Amanda Andere, the Chief Executive Officer of Funders Together to End Homelessness.

Amanda has spent over fifteen years working in the nonprofit and public sector as a leader committed to addressing racial equity, social justice, and economic opportunity through advocacy for systemic change.

Prior to joining Funders Together to End Homelessness as CEO, she served as the CEO of Wider Opportunities for Women, a national advocacy organization. Previously she served as an adjunct professor at George Mason University teaching Nonprofit Management, Executive Director of FACETS, and Vice President of Cornerstones; who have similar missions of preventing and ending homelessness and breaking the cycle of poverty.

In addition to her work as CEO at Funders Together to End Homelessness, she serves as a board member of the United Philanthropy Forum, the James Madison Political Science Alumni, and co-chair of A Way Home America, a national movement to end youth homelessness. She is also a member of the steering committee for The Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding.

Amanda shares great wisdom nuggets on how we all can be better at Leading In Color:

  • The persistent power of data. Pay attention to what it is saying and take action based on the information if you’re serious about leading with intentional intersectionality and inclusion
  • Corporate advocacy. If you are wanting to build an advocacy program in your organization, it has to be about more than just charitable giving. Look at your organization, why it exists and who it serves. Then build programming to try to address that AND invest in creating pathways to eradicate the problem in the future. Also do not forget about your local community and be involved in advocating for the places where your employees live to make sure they have affordable housing, transportation and education.
  • Build diverse teams. Be intentional and take your time. Think about the culture you have vs the one you’re trying to build. Set that vision with your current team AND be honest with your candidates about where you have it together and where you’re have growth opportunity.
  • Be a compassionate hard-ass. Set high expectations -- but give grace to make mistakes and perform at less than 100% when life happens. 

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